VetCell has partnered with RenovoCyte LLC’s equine stem cell treatment Autocell-EQ

RenovoCyte, LLC announced today a strategic partnership with Equine Partners of America (EPA) doing business as VetCell Americas. VetCell enjoys a well-established equine stem cell business in the United Kingdom and is now moving into the United States with the help of EPA in Atlanta, GA. RenovoCyte, LLC will be responsible for the processing of VetCell’s mesenchymal stem cells from equine bone marrow and in-house veterinary support for VetCell’s equine treatments in the USA.VetCell is a leading veterinary medical technology company offering personalized service to veterinarians for the treatment of equine leg injuries and lameness.

Renovocyte will process and/or store pure stromal stem cells from bone marrow for VetCell’s stem cell therapy for horses with injured tendons and ligaments then send the cellular treatments to the veterinarians for injection into the patients injured site.

VetCell Americas also acquired an agreement from RenovoCyte, LLC to carry RenovoCyte’s equine intravenous stem cell product, Autocell-EQ. RenovoCyte’s innovative stem cell technology allows intravenous treatments of exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage (bleeders), rhabdomyolysis (tying up) and
osteoarthritis in the horse. RenovoCyte Cellular Medicine Laboratories in the U.S. isolates multipotent stem cells from innovative sources such as the wolf teeth, skin biopsies, placenta and testes then cryopreserves the sample using their Wellness BankingTM protocol or cultures the cells to a known dose for autologous intravenous therapy.

Targeted Diseases for RenovoCyte’s equine stem cell therapy include:
– Osteoarthritis
– Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (Bleeders)


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