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I saw this post today from General Biotechnology and it really caught my eye. They listed their quality standards and precautions. I don’t know how many other companies use this kind of redundent system but I’m pretty impressed with the way they handle their cord blood storage tanks.


Using state of the art equipment and alarm monitors, you can feel assured that your specimens are safe.


We offer bulk storage rates as well as individual sample storage rates for the most cost effective solution to your needs.

  • 2-8°C (Refrigerated)
  • -20°C (Freezer)
  • -80°C (Ultra-low freezer)
  • -196°C (Cryogenic)

In addition to fully automated alarms and fill systems, all our cryo storage units are checked daily by visual inspection of nitrogen levels and temperature to ensure the highest in quality control.
Secure, Compliant Storage

  • The operation of all freezers and refrigerators is routinely monitored and the temperature of each storage unit is recorded continuously. All freezers have alarms that notify personnel in the event that expected temperature ranges are exceeded. All freezer units relay temperature readings via thermocouple sensors to a centralized server and managed with our environmental monitoring software.
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant Elpro LP4 dataloggers allowing web based temperature monitoring
  • Readings are recorded every 10 minutes and any out of range temperature recordings prompt the system to actively notify key biorepository personnel, instantly. If not on site, key personnel are alerted via a SENSAPHONE system. Corrective action is taken in accordance with the corresponding standard operating procedures.
  • All ultra low freezers have LN2 Back-Up Systems and GBT has critical emergency SOPs and emergency contracts with liquid nitrogen vendors.
  • Diesel Back-up power system
  • Secure-Access Facility and Laboratories with secured VPN access
  • cGTP validated sample management software allowing multiple label trackin
  • General BioTechnology and subsidiary companies offer regulatory Compliance through leading Industry and Association certifications.


Transportation of Human Cells and Tissues


General BioTechnology LLC is capable of transporting cryopreserved human cells and tissues virtually anywhere around the world. We ship primarily with nitrogen vapor shippers, which are designed for the safe transportation of biological samples at cryogenic temperatures.


Samples are shipped with temperature monitors to ensure safe arrival of an effective product. Shipments are closely tracked from inception to delivery, ensuring that your materials arrive at their designated location in a safe and timely manner.
Worldwide Shipping and Logistics

  • Next day release of samples
  • Extensive relationship with local carriers
  • Location close to Fedex and UPS facilities
I’m very impressed with this service! It seems they really set a great standard that gives me the piece of mind that any parent would when they’re storing their child’s cord blood.

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